Room4 | Communal workspots for creatives
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The Flexer

From €99,- p/m


Flexdesk – sit where you want


High speed internet


Excl. Locker and postal service

The Fixer

From €199,- p/m


Fixeddesk – your own desk


High speed internet


Incl. Locker or postal service

Likeminded Community

We believe that people can grow through interaction with others. Other ideas, other minds, other industries and other disciplines. We carefully select our community by connecting entrepreneurs, artists, makers and thinkers from all backgrounds. People who face the same challenges, but all from a different angle. At ROOM4 people can build on each others ideas and input, in a trusted environment. We believe that this kind of environment empowers people to achieve more together.

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Tailor Made Coworking

Getting out of your comfort zone is a second nature to startups. This constant state of change is challenging, but can also be seen as a cool adventure. That’s why we brought this aspect into our workspace. The modular furniture is designed so that everything can be re-arranged to your innovative, crazy and creative ideas. From organizing workshops, hosting a pitch event to building an area for concentration, everything is possible. So whether you’re a “lone wolf” or part of a team, together we can create the perfect workspace for you.

(Pictures coming soon!)

Fair Price

In a perfect world money does not play a Rolex. Unfortunately this is not the case when you just launched your own company. We understand that expensive rent does not fit within your startup budget. Neither do long term rental contracts. Flexibility and a fair price, that’s what Room4 will offer you. Oh and, if you don’t like it: just let us know. We only have a short notice period of 2 months. But… we think you will like it here.

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After completing my traineeship at Microsoft I decided to choose a completely different path by following my dream and starting our own company together with Nils. During my traineeship I encountered the new way of working; the things that worked but also the things that didn’t. Our fascination for startups and the new way of working inspired us to start ROOM4. So for me ROOM4 is way more than a simple co-working space. It is a place where you can learn, have fun, were you can meet cool people and above all it is a place where you can do awesome stuff.



My background in architecture, real estate and entrepreneurship formed the basis for ROOM4. A few years back I rented an empty space together with some friends next to the faculty of architecture at the TU Delft. Through a simple, but useful interior the place soon got recognized by fellow startups. The energy of young entrepreneurs is very contagious. Nowadays young entrepreneurs have access to many affordable tools to begin a startup. A lot is digital, but space and community still matter. Empowering and inspiring them with the right working space and likeminded community became the idea. ROOM4 coworking, ROOM4 inspiration. ROOM4you?

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